Sunday, April 8, 2012

Titanic – the greatest disaster in Newsland

I have always been fascinated by our fixation with the The Titanic sinking. It certainly was a very tragic event and a great story, movies etc. But since then there have been four worse peacetime maritime accidents. Who could name two of them?
The worst of all time happened just 25 years ago. The Dona Paz sank in flames after a collision with a petrol tanker killing more than 4300 people – almost three times the death toll on the Titanic.
The difference between the two is that one happened in “Newsland”, while the other only happened in the real world.  I used to work in Newsland, it’s an amazing place. But it’s nowhere near as amazing as the real world. Today Newsland seems to be drifting off into space and I’m beginning to lose touch.
I few years ago I thought about the Dona Paz and why it never made it to Newsland.
I can’t wait for the Dona Paz 3D movie.