Tuesday, August 15, 2017

September 3: Australia's Independence Day

There is much debate right now about Australia Day, January 26. Like loyal subjects we celebrate the day we became a British colony and raised the Union Jack. I guess as we are still under the Crown, it is disloyal to celebrate – or even talk about – Australia’s official Independence Day, September 3.
Loyalist, I guess, back in the day felt that declaring Australia’s independence was a slap in the face to the then King of England.
But for the record, the United Kingdom granted many of its colonies the permission to be independent nations with the Statute of Westminster, December, 1931.
Australia finally took up this offer during World War II on October 9, 1942 with the Westminster Adoption Act. However, it’s effect was official backdated to the beginning of the war, September 3, 1939.
If we really want a national day that all Australian’s can celebrate, it should be Independence Day, September 3.

Siamo Dio, We Are God.

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